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Meg speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference

Meg speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference

About Meg Peppin

I established MPP in 2003 having worked for many years in corporate life in a range of OD and Customer Service roles. My aim is to provide people with an understanding of how to develop their organisation through building constructive cultures.  All my work pays attention to relationships, independent thinking and creating energised cultures where people want to come to work and contribute, and achieve fulfilment.  Everyone wins! These assumptions underpin my approach:

  • Each organisational system is unique
  • People within the system are typically the experts on what is and what isn't working
  • Change is possible if people believe it is possible
  • High aspirations lead to high performing teams and individuals
  • Our relationships and interactions are often the most challenging aspects of workinig life.

I work independently with a small team of associates and this creates more opportunity for the consulting relationship to be driven by, and tailored to, client needs rather than the need to sell days or packaged products.    This network of experienced, qualified, credible professionals ensures that there is access to a range of skills and experiences to match client needs and to ensure that projects and assignments are fully supported.  All of my co-workers actively research new thinking and developments in the field of Organisational Development, undertake ongoing professional development and receive regular developmental coaching.  What makes them unique is their combination of insight, skills, respectful challenge, experience and motivation to make a difference.  They're also great human beings!

I have an MSc in Organisational Consulting and continued to deepen my practice through working with many organisations on a wide range of projects, undertaking ongoing professional training and CPD, backed up by regular Supervision.  I am a fellow of the CIPD and am active in mentoring other consultants and OD/HR people.  I am trained and qualified in the Thinking Environment, trained as a mediator, and a range of tools and techniques.

I’m described as warm, positive, intuitive, focussed, and challenging and I have a genuine belief that working with feelings, attitudes and exploring our mindsets is at the core of work.  It’s as real as any other task we undertake.  My work is based on these assumptions:

My commitment to you

My commitment to you is that I will work with you to create solutions that last, that build and strengthen internal capability and that will accelerate achievement of individual, team and organisational goals. I work as a thinking partner with you,  then evaluate what is working – and what is not - and utilise that evaluation to inform and shape each stage of the work with you.