I start with understanding your context – for the organisation, the team or the individual. Through an initial fact finding process we establish your needs and work with you to co-create the way forward. My work typically covers a combination of services; 


I have experience of a wide to a range of diagnostics and techniques to ensure that people understand how culture shapes performance including accreditation in the full range of Human Synergistics Culture Tools.  I help leaders make the connection to how managing culture is as important as any other aspect of organisational performance.  


I work with clients to clarify your leadership philosophy and align structures, processes and people.   I ensure that my work with leaders and managers is integrated into the real work through working with all stakeholders to understand what is needed.  Skills transfer to internal teams is a critical component of my practice ensuring leadership coaching/training is sustainable.


OD CAPability

Working with Business Leaders, Managers, Human Resource teams and L&D teams, I coach, mentor and provide training to deepen the knowledge of organisational development to build internal capacity to develop the organisation.  Each organisational system is unique, so whilst our methods are grounded in OD theory, solutions are co-created with each client.


 My coaching work is inspired by the work of Carl Rogers and Nancy Kline and am a Thinking Environment coach.  My colleagues are practitioners in Transactional Analysis and Systemic Coaching and Constellations. We share a wide range of frameworks, tools and techniques that have practical applications for our clients. Our tools include mediation, TA101, MBTI, LSI and Leadership Impact. 


Facilitation is at the heart of all my work. I work with teams who are preparing for cultural transformation, teams who need an external pair of hands to guide them through some sticky thinking, teams who want to immerse themselves in their planning processes, and teams who want to learn and grow together.  I have expertise in facilitating large groups using World Cafe, Open Space and Unconference approaches and am a qualified Thinking Environment facilitator.


My expertise in relation to organisations has led me to support a number of charitable organisations to improve their internal governance. My work covers; skills audits, board appraisals, board recruitment and induction processes, capability assessment and designing internal operating models. I have a long standing relationship with Drake Music as their OD lead.